BI and Analytics

Easily build and embed Qlik Analytics platform as simple mashup or integrate right within your application, information service or IoT platform.

Qlik Analytics platform provides an unmatched visual and interactive experience allowing users to see and explore more in their data.

Supply Chain Challenges

How Analytics Help

Organizational complexity and balancing priorities can lead to inefficiencies, higher costs and poor services. Disparate data from disconnected systems makes it difficult to allocate resources.

Integrate data across planning, forecasting, manufacturing, and other systems into a single view.use visual analytics to explore interdependencies align priorities and effectively deploy resources

Spikes and swings in demand can play havoc with forecasting and planning.Customers desires for faster and more flexible delivery options put a strain on fulfillment and distribution.

Combine data from all sources; internal, suppliers, partners, customers, and third parties for a complete view of your ability to meet demand, identify and analyze performance gaps across your fulfillment process.

Challenges in planning and forecasting hurt product availability, Unpredictable disasters can upset reliability and efficiency.

Get immediate visibility into risk throughout your supply chain to rapidly build contingency and continuity plans. Integrate data across the supply chain to quickly measure, analyze and take action.