Supply Chain Management


Logistic Management

Trip Planning-01

Trip Planning

Work order-01

Work order




Product-in-Transit : iQiyas Level Monitoring

Fuel Quality Controlling-01

Fuel Quality Controlling

Fuel Theft Prevention-01

Fuel Theft Prevention

Real-Time Monitoring-01

Real-Time Monitoring

Work Force Management-01

Work Force Management

Real-Time Monitoring-01

Order Management



Cargo Tracking

Real-time Tracking-01

Real-time Tracking

Real Time Notifications and alerts-01

Real Time Notifications and alerts

Improve operational efficiency-01

Improve operational efficiency

Increase visibility-01

Increase visibility

Just-in-time delivery services and accurate ETAs-01

Just-in-time delivery services and accurate ETAs

Report Management-01

Report Management

Smart Seal

RFID Access-01

RFID Access

Increase insight and visibility-01

Increase insight and visibility

Real time notifications and alerts-01

Real time notifications and alerts

Power Saving and energy efficient solution-01

Power Saving and energy efficient solution

Smart Lock

Smart Lock is an easy to use access control system based on mechanical high security disc cylinders combined with highly encrypted electronic locking and identification.

Cold Chain

Product-in-Transit : Cold Chain

Improper temperature control is a key reason why food and other perishable cargo are wasted in the supply chain.

Smart transportation companies understand the value of reliable cold chain monitoring and delivering properly cooled food and pharmaceuticals to customers.

Shipment Tracking

Product-in-Transit : Shipment Tracking

Maintenance free solution-01

Maintenance free solution

Real-time Tracking-01

Real time tracking

Increase visibility and insight-01

Increase visibility and insight

Real Time Notifications and alerts-01

Real time notifications and alerts

Safe Shuttle


  • Shuttle scheduling / Dispatching
  • Driver Guidance / Route Optimization
  • Unlimited Destination Points
  • Student Bus Attendance : IN/OUT real-time detection
  • Realtime Parent Notification : BUS Arriving / Student IN/OUT
  • DASHCAM : Realtime Video Streaming inside/outside the bus