Waste Management

A smart solar-powered trash compactor bin. It is equipped with sensors that send and receive real time data to monitoring platform.

City Networks sends and receive real-time data from sensor devices on the ground. The network transforms the date into actionable information usable by waste collection managers.

An ultrasonic fill-level sensor device that securely monitors a containers’s fill-level. It sends and receive information in real time to management platform

Measures temperature tilt and acceleration, providing you with the range of data from waste containers


  • Reduce their Operational waste collection costs & increase efficiency.
  • Reduce collections frequency by effectively increasing bin capacity
  • Eliminate Waste Overflow and Reduce CO2 Emissions
  • Dramatically Improves Cleanliness of public spaces
  • Real time information on the fill level
  • Optimized garbage collection pick up process
  • Reduce the amount of waste created